Moisture Intrusion and Mold Abatement:

Sundance Environmental Consultants performed a water damage assessment/mold inspection and remediation at a music store where moisture intrusion occurred. The photographs below demonstrate where the water damage and mold existed in the southeast corner of the back store room.
Visible mold growth was initially cleaned with bleach by maintenance personnel. The white substance is salt from water evaporating on interior wall. During abatement, black mold was found to cover the back of the communications board, and back of drywall.


Primary cause of mold growth was incorrectly adjusted landscaping sprinklers causing water intrusion to tenant space.

Most of the water damage was due to the landscaping sprinklers which sprayed water directly on the exterior corner of the building. A lesser leak from the roof was addressed during a previous inspection and repair by a roofing contractor. The interior air sampling and bulk media sampling from the wall confirmed that active mold growths were present.

The landscaping sprinklers were adjusted so that they no longer sprayed on any portion of the building. After the water source was eliminated, the affected drywall and the plywood removed for thorough drying and mold abatement by a qualified contractor. Water dry-out and mold remediation activities were performed by the contractor during abatement based on visual observations and additional moisture meter readings. Gaps in the block wall were sealed and a liquid sealer was sprayed on the interior walls in the affected area. Postabatement clearance testing was performed to verify that the abatement was complete, before opening the area back up to the public.